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The road to Hell...

...was paved with good intentions

Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc likes to smoke, and is almost always seen with a cigarette in his mouth (despite the military rules about smoking indoors). He is a fair shot with a gun, though Hawkeye continually beats him at the range. He's one of Roy Mustang's most loyal followers, and gives Edward a stern talking-to when Ed dares to bad-mouth Mustang for only caring about promotions. Havoc is somewhat reserved at times, but his intense "friendship" and loyalty to Roy Mustang knows no end. Havoc is a strict man of duty and he never lets any situation get the best of him. He goes by the book, even if he knows what he is being asked to do is not the course of action he would make if he were in charge.

Havoc's terrible luck with women is a running joke — it seems Mustang is constantly stealing any potential dates away from him. He also claims to have some "experience" with the Taisa - this, of course, has not been verfied.

This is an RPG puppet for militarydogs. The puppeteer is now ceasefire.